Day 0: See ya later

Today was my last day living continuously in the city I have lived in my whole life. I move out for college tomorrow, and it’s exciting but extremely nerve wracking at the same time. I know it’s pretty dramatic of me to feel so emotional about this, seeing as though I’m only moving about an hour away from home, but you gotta understand that I’ve never been separated from the people I love for such an extended period of time.
Which is ridiculous because I’m probably going to make it back to my city every other week or so. I don’t know. Mabes I’m just being a brat. Mabes.
Despite how worried I am, I’m also so eager. I want to make so many friends. I want to have late night adventures. I want to tell stories. I want to meet new people. I want to like people. I want to hate people. I’m just ready for something new. I know moving out would provide experiences that I would never in a million years get at home. I gotta remember that that’s the reason why I decided to go to this college in the first place. I’m never going to grow if I don’t reach the limits of my comfort zone. Even though going to college itself is out of my comfort zone….

Nevertheless I spent the past few days with the people I love most, thanking them for making my high school years unforgettable and making sure to say my “see ya later’s” to them. Because, thankfully, I’m not going too far. And I know I’ll see everyone soon enough.

So, see ya later, Chino Hills. It’s been real. I’m going to attempt to blog my first year college experience of each and every day with the tag #CSULBIIITCH. LOL. So if that gets annoying to you then…I’m sorry you followed my personal blog. LOL. I promise your dash won’t be filled with these rambles. I’ll still reblog the same anime and kpop and japan-esque stuff, so don’t worry. BUT if you genuinely care to read about my journey, one gold star for you!
Tomorrow’s move in day y’all! Wish me luck!

Good night! ^^

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1. When was the last time a stranger made you smile?
I was at Downtown Disney the other day and there was this little girl who I’m assuming had Down Syndrome and she had this long, beautiful, flowing pink gown and she was just dancing in the middle of the square like no one was watching. Like, she was feelin’ herself. She would pinch her dress at the hems and twirl side to side, and she was just the cutest thing. Like a real live Disney princess, I tell ya.

2. What has been stimulating your mind the most lately?
HAHA. This is a perfect question, because while I haven’t been doing much with my summer, I actually started playing Brain Age on the DS again. I’m fixin’ to make my way through all of the sudoku puzzles, and my brain age is 20! ;A;

3. When was the last time you laughed so hard it hurt?
Last Wednesday my friend Jenille and I were laying down at the Packing House in Anaheim and we were playing eye spy and taking really dumb selfies like this one: image

Yes. This cracked me up. LOOL. I was crying.

4. If you could create a video-game, what would it be like?
A game where the worlds of Sailor Moon and Totoro collide. That is all.

5. If you could create an anime, what would it be like?
Yaoi bishounen EVERYWHEREEEEEE. And lots of tears. And magical girl sequences. 

6. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
One of my favorites is when I went fishing in the Philippines with a hook, twine, and a toilet paper roll and I caught 8 trout. 

7. What’s your dream job?
It’d be super cool if I could be like a full time artist or musician and be super successful at it. But I honestly don’t think I have the talent nor the passion to make it a career. So I guess any job where I’m helping people personally is my dream job. Not really sure what it is yet. 

8.  If you had to give up all but three foods (be specific), which would you choose to keep?
In N Out french fries, rice, and tri tip steak. 

9. What’s your dream home?
Directly copying this from a post I made a looooong time ago, because my answer is still the same: 
Basically I only want to buy one house in the future and live in it for the rest of my life, excluding possible apartments or rooms I would rent before then. It would have to be a one story because when I’m old I wouldn’t want to walk up the stairs all the time ): And specifics are still up in the air, but I want it to be pretty modern looking (like those space saving rooms) and a big backyard with lots of trees and a pond with koi fish.

10. What are you favorite genres of music?
My taste in music is all over the place and it’s a complete mess.
I love hip hop, trip hop, glitch-hop whatever-the-hell-hop and electronic pop.
Lately I’ve really been into chillwave, vaporwave, and different sorts of EDM.

11. What’s your favorite thing to do on a regular basis?
EAT. I really don’t do anything on a regular basis anymore other than that. Food is my only consistency in life. LOL.

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Watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race instead of packing for college.

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Picasso X Gradient

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It consists of 45 wooden pieces that help teach kids about shari (the bite-sized vinegar rice) and neta (the fish topping). Kids can rearrange the shari and neta to create their own culinary masterpiece.


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Hands by Mojo Wang

Hands by Mojo Wang

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Give up. It’s over.

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I need more asian/scenery/anime on my dash. please reblog this and i’ll check out your blog. 

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