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Please, oh, please, my small amount of followers

Please vote for my school (Chino Hills High School) on this link: http://www.gleegivesanote.com/vote_details.php?id=68,

so we can have the chance to win a $50,000 prize or more for our performing arts programs. (Sponsored by Glee.)

It’d mean so much to me, and everyone else in my school’s choir, band, and other performing arts activities.

You can vote once, every day, on every computer in the house if you like! Just remember to vote for Chino Hills High School, until the 7th of November!

Come on, guys, voting only takes a few seconds! I’d appreciate it if you told any of your friends or family, and just support our performing arts programs! :D

Thank you, once again! It means a lot to me!

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    Please, oh, please, my small amount of followers; Please vote for my school (Chino Hills High School) on this link:...
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    I know I have around 400 of you lovely people around, and even though not all of you attend my school, please oh please...
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