Hey, my name's Alana (uh/lawn/uh).

I post a lot of anime, kpop, and pointless personal rambles. Every now and then you'll stumble across a cover or a doodle of mine.
D15 Giraffe
Fangirl mode activated

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Can’t form coherent sentences to describe Fall Rally this year. I didn’t take many photos with people from other divisions, but hey, I had a great time with my friends.

I love Divison 15. I love my LTG. I love CNH. I love Six Flags. I love Key Club.


  1. ohlalalivia said: asdfjkl; I saw you, and I was like. damn I want her key..
  2. jrdaawg said: OMG…I had a Key Club meeting about that! But I couldnt go. Lol you guys are giraffes? We’re orcas. Lol.
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